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Judy Calem, Vocalist/Songwriter and Jim Beggs, Keyboardist/Composer/Songwriter

Paradox Playground now has fans in 30 countries around the world on internet radio!
You can stream some songs at: jango.com/music/Paradox Playground

Great songs don't write themselves - great songs come from great artists, and great artists have great stories to tell. Judy Calem and Jim Beggs - collectively known as Paradox Playground - have great stories… the great stories that give us all pause, helping us to realize that life is what we make it, and we always have the ability to make it better.

In a world where adversity knows no limits, Paradox Playground crafts songs that celebrate the human spirit. In today's era of instant gratification, pursuit of that ideal makes the duo's music especially appealing. Their songs blend infectious pop with splashes of techno, blurring musical barriers with results that are both contemporary and timeless. Through the international impact of internet radio, their songs are now being played in more than two dozen countries worldwide.

There's no avoiding the warm rush of "Angel" and the intensity of "Dance Away," "Feel" and "Someday." There's no hiding from the uplifting power of "The Best Is Yet To Come", "IBIS" and the never give up/never give in mantra of "Destined To Win." For the majestic splendor of sheer, unadulterated pop, look no further than "Where My Heart Belongs" and "How Many More Goodbyes." It's all second-nature to Paradox Playground, where Judy's beautiful, entrancing and unique vocals are a perfect match with Jim's masterful instrumentation.

Judy was a grand prize winner in the San Diego Songwriters Guild competition, has won three Billboard Song Contest achievement awards, two UniSong International Song Contest achievement awards, and was named a "Highly Commended Artist" in the Windrift Songwriting Contest. The Southern California transplant has come a long way since growing up in the Bronx, New York. She's made stops in between as a bit actor on shows including All My Children, The Guiding Light, and The Cosby Show, and worked a day job where her brushes with fame included frequent conversations with the likes of Madonna, Mariah Carey, Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett, and Michael Bolton. She also worked with Grammy and Tony Award-winning songwriter and playwright Rupert Holmes. Her move to the West Coast resulted in meeting her creative partner, Jim Beggs, who, coincidentally, is a native New Yorker himself.

In addition to providing the musical backbone for Judy's vocals, Jim also is a living testament to the duo's illuminating perspective. An Air Force veteran and cancer survivor who runs thousands of stairs as part of his workout regime, Jim is a best-selling author with two inspirational books to his credit - and he applies that same spirit to Paradox Playground. He is a classically-trained pianist, was the keyboardist for a full-time touring regional rock band, and wrote all the songs and instrumental music for "The Brain Game," a play that helps parents learn techniques to assist early brain development in their children.

Independent of each other, Judy Calem and Jim Beggs have great stories - together, as Paradox Playground, they translate those stories into great songs.

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