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Listener’s Journey #1: ANGEL


In this upbeat, uplifting song, Paradox Playground celebrates the beauty of a strong and passionate relationship.  The partners, who vow “I will always love you”, see each other as angels on earth holding onto each other’s wings for support as this happy song soars to a wonderful and ecstatic conclusion.


Listener’s Journey #2: DANCE AWAY


Your magical journey begins in a colorful, high-energy underground dance club -- an exciting world of swirling light, sound immersion, and hot, agile bodies.  You dance among many, yet you dance apart to a place of inner peace.  The night is late, and getting later, but for you time is standing still as each moment brings its own reward in this passionate, blissful escape from the stress of everyday life.  For now, nothing exists outside the physically and emotionally intoxicating realm of dance.


Listener’s Journey #3: FEEL


The scene you are now entering opens the door to a very different alternative lifestyle -- the mysterious, hidden world of BDSM -- a community within which pain is inflicted and received consensually.  What does it take to “feel” . . . to feel loved . . . to feel special?  The music and spoken vocals in the verses are hypnotic and compelling, and the second verse introduces to this scene an intriguing contrasting element -- an angelic male background voice.  At the end of this compassionate journey, the last word in the song, quite notably and importantly, is “heal”.


Listener’s Journey #4: THE BEST IS YET TO COME


“My life’s so much brighter because of your love” and “words can’t express how amazing you are” set the tone for a rock-solid relationship which is “building memories and dreams one by one”.  In the past, “you gave me strength when I wanted to give up” and “you saw me through my darkest of days”.  Now, as two people who bring out the best in each other, “whatever we do is a celebration”.  And what does the future hold?  Despite an ever-changing world, this triumphant song confidently proclaims “the best is yet to come”.


Listener’s Journey #5: HOW MANY MORE GOODBYES


A guy.  A girl.  Two very different backgrounds, yet the same experience with life: nothing is ever quite right.  Never fully satisfied, always on the move and looking elsewhere for that perfect life and life partner.  They meet.  Will it work?  There is hope!


Listener’s Journey #6: I BELIEVE


Eerie is the night as you walk alone along a dark road.  However, you are not afraid, as you feel a sense of warmth and protection in being connected to the moon, the stars, the universe.  In fact, your concern is for a troubled friend -- someone you want to get to know better; someone you want to help; someone you know you can help.  Whatever problems may exist for your friend, your mind keeps repeating the same message: “I believe in you . . . I believe in us . . . I believe in faith . . . I believe in trust . . . I believe in hope . . . I believe in dreams . . . I believe in love”.


Listener’s Journey #7: WHERE MY HEART BELONGS


“Tossed between the tidal waves of so many questions . . . not always knowing what is wrong and what is right”, we all need people we can count on, people we can trust.  In times of doubt, especially, we find comfort in “the light that shines within you and the light that shines in me”, which in turn gives us the strength and courage to soar “high above the mountains” and “through rainbows and waterfalls”.  Whatever we may do in this life, the first and foremost thing is knowing where our heart belongs.


Listener’s Journey #8: DREAM FANTASY LOVER


Now it’s time to lighten-up and have some fun!  Picture an exotic island paradise, with its tropical climate, balmy breezes, sparkling beaches and waterfalls, with its wonderful island sounds and fragrances . . . and the ever-present feeling that anything is possible.  The perfect lover is waiting in this paradise, and you will find that lover!  We begin with a fantasy, but in the end “fantasy becomes reality” and is celebrated by a long intermingled flow of beautiful English and Spanish vocals, to be followed by Balinese bells, steel drums, and other magical sounds as you merge with this island paradise.


Listener’s Journey #9: WHO’S TO SAY


Time to get introspective.  What follows this life as we know it?  Vignettes based on stories believed by many to be true raise interesting questions.  We all have our beliefs about the future -- and our relationship to the past, and loved ones who have gone before us -- still no one knows for certain what lies beyond.  Nonetheless, whatever awaits us in the Great Unknown, we prefer to believe the answer will be positive, and therefore close the song with a bright, uplifting instrumental ending as a final reflection on the subject.


Listener’s Journey #10: ENDLESS HORIZON


A state of peace and calm with no inner turmoil -- something we all desire . . . but perhaps rarely have.  Immersed in “too much chaos”, you may feel that it’s “time to slow down”.  This song, “Endless Horizon”, seeks to help you do exactly that.  Buoyed by the rich, warm layer of sound, you may find yourself floating or flying . . . without any fear of falling through the solid sonic surface.  If you take the time to “breathe new life” and let “pure light” surround you, you may indeed find the peace and calm you seek.  At least it’s worth a try!


Listener’s Journey #11: SOMEDAY


You are now entering the very sad and often tragic world of domestic violence, where untold numbers of women and children are the unfortunate victims of physical, mental, emotional and other forms of abuse.  Unfortunate also is the fact that this crime against humanity is often unseen by the public, and may even be unknown to family or friends seemingly close to the situation.  We hope this song will be heard by many needing to hear it . . . and will help to inspire those who feel emotionally and financially trapped in abusive relationships to “fly away” to a new life.


Listener’s Journey #12: IBIS


This upbeat song -- what might be called a female anthem -- celebrates the power and beauty of being a woman, regardless of one’s age, shape, color or any other defining characteristic.  The capacity to be “sexy, smart and tough” blossoms from strength within -- strength that already exists within each woman and merely needs to be acknowledged.  This song also emphasizes the value of living and learning from the past, and moving on from painful and unhealthy relationships -- accepting responsibility for having made mistakes, but retaining faith in oneself and not settling for anything “less than total respect”.  When “the quiet voice has learned to sing” and has discovered her “Inner Beauty” and “Inner Strength”, the “scarlet IBIS spreads her wings” in preparation for flight.


Listener’s Journey #13: DON‘T FORGET TO LAUGH


This song tells the story of a teenage girl growing up in a troubled home, where the premature passing of her father has created an extremely difficult relationship between her and her single-parent mother.  Burdened by having lost her beloved husband and having to work to support herself and her daughter, the mother, who is rarely home, struggles with the challenge of raising a teenage daughter morally and ethically.  Meanwhile, the daughter, also missing her beloved father, is living through the difficulties inherent in the rites of passage experienced as part of growing up and can often be found “crying through the night”.  Whereas the mother-daughter relationship was once warm and loving, the daughter now feels her mother finds fault with everything she does.  As a result of the constant tension between them, “all they do is fight”.  However, the daughter does have one source of solace and comfort: her deceased father’s final message to her.


Listener’s Journey #14: DESTINED TO WIN


Like a roller-coaster with all its ups and downs and twists and turns, our final song celebrates the adventure ride that is life.  Some things seem “meant to be”, but most often the achievement of goals requires a strong belief and persistent effort to overcome obstacles over an extended period of time.  With the right attitude and conviction, however, the opportunity to be “destined to win” lies within each of us.  This song chronicles the story of a developing relationship that initially experiences its “little earthquakes” and its “share of snowstorms”, but is held together by passion.  Over time, however, the two lovers ultimately are “soaring like eagles” and sharing the ecstasy of a dream that never ends.  Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride . . . and wherever your dreams may lead you, “never give up, never give in“!